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These points are far more than just projects we’ve completed. Each one is story we love telling. Stories about how we can overcome any obstacle by working together as one, solving problems by innovating, executing plans with excellence, and making contractors look like the smartest human beings on the planet. The fact that we get to do it with the hardest working and most honest people in the Western United States is a huge bonus.

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Avenue 45

The Avenue 45 and Arroyo Drive Relief Sewer project involved the construction of about 6,200 lineal feet of a 9.5 foot diameter tunnel in mixed-faced conditions up to 70-feet deep.

An Earth Pressure Balance Machine and Tunnel Boring Machine were used to construct the tunnel along the old Pasadena freeway and Arroyo Drive, north of Dodgers stadium.

This project was a joint venture between Pacific Boring and Mladen Buntich Construction. While the project was tightly monitored and one of the most difficult the companies had collaborated on, it was finished on time, well under the city’s budget.

Tunneling Projects Completed Across The Western US

Linear Feet Tunneled Across The Western US

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