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Concord A-Line

In 2007, the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District and City of Concord joined forces to increase the capacity of the District’s A-Line Relief interceptor during rainy seasons and eliminate the need for one of the city’s pump stations.

The existing A-Line sewer pipe was over 30 years old, several years beyond the average life of this kind of pipe. A failure of this pipe could have sent “sewage bubbling into basements,” said Paul Thissen in his article in the Contra Costa Times (2009).

The interceptor project consisted of a six-mile long series of pipelines that would take the pressure off the aging pipe. The pipelines would also remove the need for the Concord Sewage Pump Station, the largest in the county. Eliminating this pumping station presented about $350,000 in annual savings in electricity, maintenance, labor, and chemicals.
An earth pressure balance machine (EPBM) was used to pave the way for the new system and install 3,000 linear feet of 96-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP).

A microtunnel boring machine was utilized to install 870 linear feet of 72-inch RCP, 27 feet underground, through a golf course, across Concord Avenue, and then east toward a walking path near Walnut Creek stream.

Finally, open-cut trenching was used across the Walnut Creek flood control channel to install the remaining 540 feet of sewer line. “The only visible evidence of the work was at the pits where the work began,” wrote Paul. “One near Home Depot off Galaxy Way and one on the golf course near Concord Avenue.” To this day, these remain the longest pipejacking drives Pacific Boring has completed, 1,300 Linear Feet and 1,700 Linear Feet respectively.

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